About the Regional Intermodal Transportation Center (RITC)

* For hotel shuttles, please contact your hotel for service availability.

In addition to housing rental cars, the ground level of the Regional Intermodal Transportation Center (RITC) serves as a transit hub for bus drivers and provides direct access to and from the passenger terminal via the elevated moving walkway.

The Airport was obligated to build the RITC in response to runway safety area requirements. The FAA required that the previous Ready Return Lot next to Terminal B had to be relocated because it encroached into the runway safety zone. The Airport was given until December 2015 to clear this area and move the rental cars.


RITC Accessibility

The distance from the terminal to the RITC rental car facilities is 1,100 feet, a walk of approximately seven minutes.

Wheelchair Services: Free wheelchair service between the RITC and the terminal area is available at the main terminal entrance skycap station, and rental car personnel can summon skycap wheelchair service to the rental car counters as well. Please call 818-795-6087 for assistance.

Elevated Moving Walkway: Access to the RITC from the Airport terminal area is provided by an elevated moving walkway that conveys rental car customers to the rental car counters. An escalator and elevator offer convenient access to the walkway for all, and the covered moving walkway keeps walking distance and time to a minimum.

Customer Drop-Off/Pick-Up: Drivers who wish to drop off or pick up a customer from the rental car facilities must park in the Short Term Parking Structure, located across from the terminal. The adjacent elevated moving walkway connects the terminal area to the RITC.