Social Media Policy

The Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority (“Authority”) uses social media to disseminate information and communicate with the public about Hollywood Burbank Airport (“Airport”) services, news, public announcements, safety alerts, community events, and other Airport-related topics of interest. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the Authority’s social media pages are safe, inclusive, productive environments that are used as intended.  This policy may be amended at any time without notice.

The following rules apply to members of the public who access, contribute content to, or otherwise use the Authority’s social media pages:

  1. Posts containing any of the following content are subject to removal:
    1. Obscene, sexual, or pornographic images or language.
    2. Threats to any person or property.
    3. Advertisement of any commercial activity, product, or service not related to the Airport or to an Airport tenant or concessionaire.
    4. Endorsement of an activity, product, or service prohibited by federal, state, or local law.
    5. Spam or links to malware/viruses.
    6. Impersonation of a public official employee.
    7. Misrepresentation of an affiliation with a public agency.
  2. Posts that are off-topic (i.e. not related to the message being responded to) are subject to removal.
  3. Neither removal nor non-removal of a post implies the Authority approves of, or agrees with, the post.
  4. Each post is subject to the terms of use established by the company that operates the social media platform. The Authority reserves the right to report a terms of use violation to the platform operator.
  5. Illegal activity will be reported to law enforcement agencies.
  6. Posts are publically accessible and are subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act.
  7. Any person who posts private or personal information does so at his or her own risk. The Authority is not obligated to remove such information.
  8. Any person who violates this policy three times during a six-month period may be blocked from posting to the Authority’s social media pages for up to six months.