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Noise Monitoring

The noise impact area at the Airport is 5.52 acres of incompatible land.

The noise impact area has shrunk more than 98% since the Authority acquired the Airport in 1978.

The decrease in the noise impact area, despite increases in air traffic, is due to:

  • The Authority’s aggressive acoustical treatment program.
  • The Authority’s enforcement of its Noise Rules.
  • The airlines’ operation of quieter aircraft.
  • The airlines’ compliance with the Authority’s voluntary curfew.

Current Noise Contour
Quarterly Noise Monitoring Reports

Flight Tracker

The Airport uses WebTrak to provide flight information to the public and to track noise inquiries. A PDF of WebTrak instructions is available to guide you through the process. To report a noise complaint, please utilize the noise inquiry form on WebTrak or contact the toll-free 24-hour Noise Concerns Hotline at 1.800.441.0409