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New Applicant Process

Airport Badging appointments are required for both new and renewal badge applications. It is the responsibility of your authorized signer or his/her designee to schedule the correct badging appointment on your behalf. In an effort to make the badging process easier to understand, the following steps should be followed to ensure that all badging requirements are covered when badging a new applicant.

  • Have the new applicant fill out the Badge Application/Renewal Form.
  • Have the authorized signer/sponsor/employer sign the back of the badge application.
  • Have the authorized signer verify that the badge application is filled out correctly and that access levels, escort privileges, driver privileges, and badge color are correctly marked on the badge application.
  • Badge holder will bring in all required IDs and documents to the initial appointment and will be fingerprinted.
  • The authorized signer will then schedule a badge testing appointment that coincides with the badge color and driver privilege assigned to a badge holder.
  • Badge holder will arrive on testing date and take the appropriate tests. Once s/he passes, s/he will be issued a badge.
  • All done! The badge holder must renew his/her badge in one (1) year.