Green Initiatives

The Burbank Glendale Pasadena Airport Authority is committed to air emissions reduction and sustainability. Since May 4, 2018, Hollywood Burbank Airport has been working in cooperation with the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Governing Board to fulfill the 2016 AQMP Facility-Based Mobile Source Measures.  To meet these measures, the South Coast Basin Airports have worked collectively with the South Basin Airports to proactively share Airport best practices, policies, and common approaches in developing Air Quality Improvement Programs (AQIPs).

BUR has developed comprehensive AQIPs that represent a wholistic plan to reduce emissions from non-aircraft mobile sources related to airport operations.  The AQIPs demonstrate the Authority’s long commitment to air emissions reduction and sustainability, which is reflected in the Airport’s operations and development plans, and which is now being documented in the AQIP.

Clean Fleets Programs

Trip Reduction Programs

Sustainable Design / Construction Programs & Renewable Energy Projects

Click here for info re: the FAA's environmental assessment (EA) of proposed amendments to two existing departure procedures at BUR.